Thursday, February 23, 2006

Still blogging for now

Sad to see that The Understanding Collective is no more, though it did last longer than I thought it would. I guess TMWNN got tired of the blogging thing once again (see: The Worst Blog In History and The Time Burglar). The Understanding Collective had the right idea of keeping the number of contributors down to only TMWNN and Beer, though still it wasn't enough to save the thing. I don't think anything will ever top the heyday of The Worst Blog in History, even though it did spiral out of control with too many contributors (I think there were like 17 towards the end!), controversial changes in management and petty in fighting. Still, before it collapsed under its own weight, it was good times. I wish there were an archive of it somewhere. I'd ask TMWNN, but he doesn't talk to me anymore for whatever reason, so I won't bother. Still, good memories.

Still haven't gotten any essay writing done. I really need to get down to business. Had a touch of a cold for the last day or two. Nothing serious, but still enough that I didn't feel up to doing much. Maybe I'll be able to focus this weekend. I really need to.

I can't seem to stop biting my fingernails. I know it's a gross habit, I just can't seem to stop. I suppose I'm nervous, for whatever reason. I'm always nervous. I wonder what my blood pressure is? Maybe I'll go out for a cigarette, that night calm my nerves. After I'm done this.

This upcoming summer scares me. I turn 25 at the end of April. I'll have (hopefully) completed half of my University career. Still have two years to go. I really hope to have some time to relax, but I'm definitely going to need a new, higher paying job, which probably means something 9-5 ish, with nowhere near as flexible a schedule as I have at my current work. I'll need to shop for a car. There might be some family changes coming. Am I going to be alone all summer, alone with my thoughts and my dog or will I have stuff to do, people to hang out with? Will I manage to make some money, buy a car, have some fun, go out and do stuff, find time for rest and relaxation, maybe start dating again? I'll still have two years of University left. Wow....I mean, where is my life going? Last summer things were really pretty good, on the whole. I had a car, I had friends, I was going out, I was dating, I had just successfully finished my first year of school, and my financial situation was more secure. Things were on the upswing. As I approach this summer, things are very uncertain. Now I'm really biting my nails. Man, am I ever scared.


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