Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another Saturday Night

Ah, another Saturday night. Let's see what my options are, shall we?

1. Stay in, iron clothing. Take pills, drink.

2. Stay in, watch television. Take pills, drink.

3. Stay in, stare at walls. Take pills, drink.

I'm sure you get the picture. My social life has really hit a new low. On Tuesday I had coffee after class with a school related acquaintance. Before that, I honestly cannot remember the last time I went out. It has been a LONG time. I don't even know if coffee counts, I mean, I was already downtown for class, so it's not like I 'went out'. Got nothing to do, no one to do anything with. Even if I did, how am I to get anywhere? I don't have a car anymore. If I lived downtown, it might not be such a problem, but that's beside the point. Other than pity invites from a friend of my sister (on my mother's behest), no one's asking me to hang out with them.

Yesterday my mother asked me if she wanted to go out to see Walk The Line with her and my sister. See, my sister has a social life of her own, so it's okay for her to go out with her mommy here and there. For me, I just couldn't bare to do it. The only time I've gone out in ages is with my mother and sister? Man, what a miserable prospect. I'd rather do nothing. I mean, if I was doing something cool and exciting the following day, I wouldn't feel so stupid about it. But as it is, I sure would. I would have liked to have seen that movie. It looks pretty good. Just for reference, the last movie I saw in theatres was Flightplan. That was sometime in late September. There are a lot of movies I would have liked to have seen since then. I just have no on to go with. Sad.


Anonymous LU said...

i think you should iron while you watch tv!

January 21, 2006 8:54 PM  

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