Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Even my mom feels sorry for me

So even my own mother thinks I'm a loser. Not that she would ever come out and say it, but I think I felt it today. We were in the car a couple of hours ago and as we're pulling up to our street, she starts talking about my sister and one of her good friends. My sister was in a long-term sort of on again, off again relationship for a while and though she's still friends with the fellow, all they ever do is argue over the phone. It's a mess. So mum says something to the effect of "Oh (x) just broke up with her boyfriend, so now your sister and her can go out, just the two of them and meet guys, etc". She started going on about how they went to a club and met all these guys from all over and they were there 'till all hours, etc. How she got a text message from one of them, yada yada yada. Anyways, bottom line, my sister has friends and meets all sorts of nice people. So then mum suggest that I should go with them sometime! Yeah, like tag along!

With my younger sister and her friends.

My sister and I don't hate each other, but we're not particularly close. We've never done anything together. That's just not part of our relationship. My mom knows this. Still, she must feel such pity for me, seeing as I have no friends, no girlfriend and no prospect of either. "I'm sure you can meet all sorts of people too"! Thanks a lot mom. She even went so far as to ask my sister's friend (who was over at the house) if she'd ask me to tag along. She did so. I declined. I'm officially at the pity stage. People are asking me to hang out with them out of pity. I don't know if I can sink any further.


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