Friday, December 23, 2005

Almost done with all of this

Man, I really, really hate Christmas. It is damn depressing. I'm working pretty much all day, every day. Not like I have anything better to do. But it is starting to drive me insane. I'll be glad when I have at least a day or two to relax at home and wallow in my own misery. At least lots of people are visiting me at work while in the midst of their shopping. Everyone from Beer to Marty-Boy to Hot Russian Girl (whom I haven't seen in ages) to lots of random people I haven't seen in ages. Nice that at the very least people are kind enough to say 'hi'. I may not have friends, but at least I have some well-wishers. Better than nothing.

So as it turns out, I do have at least one New Year's invite, that being courtesy of my oldest friend Marty-Boy. He and his lady friend are renting a cottage somewhere and they're trying to 'fill it up' as it were. So far it's those two, her sister & boyfriend and another old friend of ours and his 'partner'. The cottage will have a hot tub, which is nice, but the prospect of spending it with nothing but couples is so damned depressing. But I really have nothing else to do. No one else is going to invite me anywhere, so what choice do I have?

A really cute girl came in the store today. It being a cigar store, not many do and the few who do enter are usually shopping for a boyfriend. This one did. I don't know why, but cute girls make me really depressed. My female co-workers insisted she was being flirty, but I don't believe it. She said she was shopping for her boyfriend, why would she flirt with some jerk at a cigar store? I guess they make me depressed because I see them and none of them want anything to do with me....I can never have them. It sucks.

I'm going to leave you all with a nice early Christmas present. It's my reading of Oscar Wilde's lovely short story, The Selfish Giant. I've uploaded it as a zip file to my webspace, you can download it by right-clicking here. Make sure to 'save target as'. It unpacks as a Wave file, as the conversion to mp3 was unsuccessful. Enjoy, let me know what you think and I hope it's not too stupid sounding.


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