Sunday, October 02, 2005

More mild complaining

Three weeks in and I'm already falling dangerously behind in my readings for school. Instead of posting on this silly blog, I really should get on that. But it's such a nice day, plus football is on......*sigh*.

My weekend was...well, interesting. After my previous plans (see last few posts) fell through in a big way, I managed to at least find some shit to do. Thursday, went to Failte's with Heavy-D. Just there for a few drinks, but some women did sit down at our table (to smoke, I think). One of them was rather attractive and even though I don't think she was too into me, it was nice to see that happen. Some dudes one of them knew encroached on our space and we left shortly thereafter, but I'm hopeful now, that I can master (well, at least be comfortable with) the bar scene. People do pick up other people at bars, I know that with a little more practice, I can do it too. That sad thing is, I won't have anyone to do it with. Heavy-D leaves in a month. This will leave me with few options when it comes to hitting up the bars. I'm really not comfortable just going by myself. Sorry, I don't care what anyone says, you go to a bar by yourself and try to pick up women, you are a bit of a loser. Marty Boy is busy all the time, Bertmos never wants to go out and other folks live far away. I need new male How on earth do I find some? I mean, how do you 'pick up' guys? All the friends I've been making lately have been women. This is fine and good, but I hate to say it, I need men. Any suggestions?

Friday, I had a date. Yeah, another internet girl. She was pretty cute I guess, but I don't think I'll be seeing her again, at least not in 'that' capacity. Really very quiet and a little boring. Someone I'd be okay being friends with, but there was no connection otherwise. Went for coffee and saw Flight Plan. It was okay for the first hour, but then disintegrated after that. Still, good to see Jodie Foster making movies again. And at least I didn't spend a fortune on this date.

Last night, went over to a new friend's place (yes, internet as well) to watch a movie. She was sick, so I came over to keep her company. Brought pizza and we watched Million Dollar Baby. It would have been nice, had not her FATHER watched the whole thing with us...oh, why me? I might have been able to at least see where I stood with this one had he not been there (to cuddle or not to cuddle?), but hey. This is me, remember? Since when does anything ever go my way?


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