Saturday, August 27, 2005

My brain is broken

Well, not quite. I'm just not motivated lately I guess. It's been a week since I last posted anything, so I figure I should at least try and write something. Things are neither better, nor worse. They're just...there. Summer is almost gone, school returns September 12 and I'm just going through the motions (of whatever it is I do).

Still miserable and lonely, I guess. Worked a lot this week (three 11 hour shifts...yuck). I tried to call Starbucks Girl (see last post) on Thursday to see if she wanted to hang out or something. She wasn't home. Her mom took a message. We'll see if she ever calls back. It took A LOT of effort for me to even call. Man, why am I so scared to call people? I guess it's the fear that they don't want to hang out or something better to do, as I'm guessing she did. Oh well. Tried calling Marty Boy as a backup, he was busy too. Everyone's too busy I guess. I shouldn't even bother.

Went out with my friend Blondie last night. Had dinner at East Side Mario's (well, I did, she had already eaten). Sat on the patio and two very attractive ladies started talking to us from the next table over. They were with some dude (whom they had also just met!) and invited us to come sit with them. I think they thought we were on a date (we were not, we're just friends)and seemed very nice. The random dude left shortly thereafter, leaving me at a table with three ladies! Again, one is just a friend, another was cute, but in her mid 30's (too old) and the last (who was VERY attractive) mentioned her boyfriend several times. No luck as usual, but I do know that this is the second time in two weeks strange women have started talking to me at a bar or restaurant. It's never happened before. Maybe it's my new hair. I have no idea. There may be hope for me yet.


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