Saturday, August 13, 2005

"Good job Ferris" said Bertmos

So...after a good start to the week, with things looking up (getting all my classes and passing my driving test), I'm back in the rut. After those two pieces of good news, I was hoping for a third, but it never came. Internet girl pretty much turned down my offer of meeting for coffee or to hang out or whatever. While it wasn't a flat out refusal, there was some serious avoidance of my question and topic changing. I asked in a very nice, nonchalant sort of way and was given the runaround. I guess she's creeped out my a guy who's willing to drive three and a half hours to meet her for coffee. Anyone who would do that must be a loser, after all, unable to meet any 'real' women. Maybe I'll ask again, but for now, I know when I'm beat (which is always).

Beyond that, I really don't have any prospects whatsoever. I have no clue what else to do. I guess I have to 'get out there' (whatever that means), thereby increasing my odds to be sure, but even on the occasions I do, I'm just too shy to talk to people. They scare me. I'm sure I'm not alone, there are plenty of shy people. Things still work out for them sometimes, things just sort of happen. Not to me though.

What else....went out to karaoke with Heavy D and Bertmos last night. It was this 'event' organized on one of the many websites I'm on. It was an okay time I guess. Better than 'Thunder Thighs' anyway. The attendees were a mixture of fat chicks and gay dudes. Nice. I did sing "Twist and Shout" and "Ain't No Sunshine" though. I thought my voice was in top form, though I got little love from the guy running the karaoke. The last time I did karaoke the guy running the show loved me and put me up like 8 times. I think my voice was actually stronger this time. Go figure.

So that's about it. I'm writing this to kill time while at work (no internet here, I'll post it when I get home). I'll step outside for a smoke break in a bit and maybe strike up a conversation with beautiful, funny, intelligent young lady who somehow has no plans tonight and would love to perhaps grab dinner, maybe go see a movie with me. But don't count on it.


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