Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I really haven't anything exciting to post about, but today is Wednesday, the day of my 5 hour break in between classes. I have NOTHING to do from 12-5...dang, this is boring. I really wish I had some friends here. I could try talking to random people I suppose (I did last week), but it's just not that easy. Man, it scares me. Oh well. Eating, smoking a cigar (while the weather is good) and perhaps getting a little bit of reading done, that is if I'm not too distracted by the pretty birdies. Oh yeah, not to mention mindlessly surfing the internet in the library. Good times indeed. Maybe someone will start talking to me? Hasn't ever happened yet, but you never know?

Had film screening, then British Writers at 5:00. It's only the first week of October, but I am really feeling the crunch. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I've done almost zero reading (stupid birds), so it really is my own fault. Also, I think I might hate all my classes. My English classes are dull, my film classes are pointless and my U.S. Politics course is...actually quite fun. I like it a lot, so far. I know a lot of the material already, so I feel smart there. At least I like one course (my elective, go figure). Well okay, I do look forward to film theory, but that's only because my prof is HOT. I mean....dang. Sorry, enough of that...oh my, there's a REALLY hot girl waiting in line for the computer...she just walked by. I wish I had the guts to talk to her.

What weekend coming up, which is very sweet. Hopefully have a date on Saturday (yes, through the internet). Also...shoot! Another very hot girl...this place is just crawling with them. If only there was some way to communicate with them, I'd be set.

Another four and a half hours to go....bleh.


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