Thursday, August 28, 2008

More craziness and insane rantings on my part!

A few thoughts on random things that I've had on my mind lately:

1. Very sad to hear about Margaret Thatcher's declining state. It doesn't really come as that much of a surprise seeing as she's really been out of the public eye for several years now but it's still upsetting nonetheless. 'The Iron Lady' was one of the truly great leaders of the twentieth century, a key figure in bringing about the end of the Cold War and (I should hope) an inspiration for strong women everywhere. I certainly wish her well in her twilight years.

2. Wow, Pierre Trudeau's son thinks that Canada should get out of Afghanistan. What a colossal shock. Mr. Trudeau's narrow viewpoint is very conveniently forgetting our country's long history of being peace keepers (something this deployment is strictly about) and is only able to see our presence their as constituting 'aggression'. He goes on to defend the Taliban (whoops, sorry we shouldn't call them that) and their 'different values' which include the complete oppression of women and utter intolerance for other religions other than their own. Oh and there's the fact that it was his beloved Liberal Party which deployed troops there, not the current Conservative government. I swear sometimes I think that a great many people who share Mr. Trudeau's point of view almost (and I'm being a bit facetious here) like it when Canadian troops are killed overseas. Because if there were little or no fatalities, they'd have a pretty damned hard time to protest.

3. I love this. Saudi Arabia wants to ban birthday parties because they are against Muslim 'righteousness'. And Mother's Day should also be on the black list, though predictably there's no mention of a ban on Father's Day. This is the same country that forbade its women from taking place in the Olympics, seeing as it forbids women to play any sort of organized sports whatsoever. Yet there has been no talk of any sort of sanctions on the part of the IOC. South Africa under Apartheid was rightly barred for many years yet we hear nothing about any potential action against this awful country which oppresses half of its entire population. Oh wait, they have oil. Never mind.

4. Along similar lines, Malaysia can also go to hell. Even though they reversed their decision, the fact that the country wanted to stop Avril Lavigne from performing a concert there because she's "too sexy" is utter horse shit. Sorry but since when is it wrong to be "too sexy"? What, are they all closet homosexuals? Are they bitter because none of their own pop stars are as smoking hot as Avril is? Are they afraid that people might actually have a good time at the show? Fuck. I just hope she doesn't change her show one bit, the sexy bitch.

That's it for the time being. I'm trying to get back into the blog and hopefully next entry will be more true to the blog's title. I have lots of depressing stuff to talk about after all, so I guess I should give it a go. Tomorrow maybe? We'll see, I always say that and then tomorrow never comes.


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